Golf tournament to take place at Memorial Park in 2019

New Jersey Memorial Golf Tournament is scheduled to take off on Sunday, March 23, 2019, marking the first time since World War II that a golf tournament will be held at the state’s historic golf course.

The Memorial Park Golf Tournament will feature the highest quality golf courses in the U.S., including four courses from Memorial Golf, the world’s most prestigious golf course tour.

The golf tournament’s title sponsor is the National Parks Foundation of America, which was founded in 1974 by President Gerald Ford.

The tournament’s organizers said they will host more than 100 events over the course of the 20-day tournament.

The tournament will include nine rounds of four-round matches and three double-elimination playoff rounds.

Participants will be able to play on three golf courses at the Memorial Park Memorial Golf Course.

The event is expected to draw more than 5,000 participants, with the average attendee at Memorial Golf playing an average of 1,300 rounds, according to the tournament’s website.

It’s the first event in the country to be held on Memorial Day, which marks the national holiday honoring military service.

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