Tiger Woods says golf was ‘not my passion’ but has a ‘tough relationship’ with it

Tiger Woods said golf is not his passion, but said it was important for him to play golf with friends.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Woods said he’s been working hard to improve his golf game and said he is proud of the way his game has improved in the last two months.

“I don’t think it’s a passion,” Woods said.

“I just love it.

It’s not my passion.

It is part of my game, but I am just trying to improve and be a better golfer.”

Woods has played only one tournament this year because of his injury.

He is one of seven players who have missed the tournament at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, which has been hosting golf tournaments since 1891.

Woods said he was not surprised by the news of the retirement.

“For a while I was kind of expecting it, because I know that golf is kind of like my life, my family, my community,” he said.

“It’s my life.

You can’t really put it in words.

So when I found out it was over, I just kind of got the shock and then I kind of started thinking, ‘OK, what’s going on?'”

Woods played a major championship at Royal Melbourne in May.

He missed the cut, and Woods said the tournament was not a “tough time.”

The golfers who have retired have a lot of stories to tell, Woods told AP.

“When you’re not playing well, it can be hard,” he added.

“If you’re playing really well, and you can do well on a Sunday night, or a Monday night, then it’s hard to keep it together.”

Woodsey, who won the British Open in 2015, has been a part of a golfing dynasty since he won his first tournament at Royal.

Woodsy, who is known for his chip shots and long drives, retired in June, after winning the PGA Championship in his hometown of New York.

Woods also played in the 2009 U.S. Open.

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