Callaway Golf Club announces plans to shutter 2019 season due to drought

Callaway golf club plans to close 2019 season in part due to the drought.

The Callaway National Golf Club in Orlando is shutting down its 2019 season for the first time since 2005.

Callaway CEO Michael Johnson told Newsday that the club will “not be able to sustain the level of play and the level and the quality of service we have offered since the recession.”

The company’s last regular season of play was in 2016, when it opened the new course in Orlando.

It had already been operating a full-time golf club at its former location on the site of the former Westgate Shopping Center since 2005, when the company moved its corporate headquarters to the shopping center from its former headquarters in the former Waco, Texas, city.

The golf club’s new site was chosen as the site for the club’s final game of the season, which will take place on Nov. 27, 2019, at the Waco Tennis and Swimming Club.

The club is working with the city to find ways to keep the business going.

It also will open a new facility in 2019 in the area of its former home.

Johnson said that in the years since the club opened, “the demand for golf courses has been much higher than it was a year ago, and the weather has been more favorable, and there have been a lot of people in the community that are engaged in golf.”

While Callaway is planning to close, Johnson said that the golf club is looking to attract additional members, and is working to secure more financing.

The company is still in negotiations with several potential lenders, but it is confident in the future of its business, he said.

Johnson did not give any other details about what will be happening to the business, including what impact the closure will have on the golf community.

The business has a long history in Orlando, having been in operation since the 1980s, and its annual revenue has been in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

In 2016, Callaway opened its second home in Orlando after spending more than $1.4 billion to build the former downtown mall site, a property the company acquired for $400 million in 2008.

In its announcement, Johnson stressed that the new facility will have a golf course and a large pool, and that the resort will continue to offer the most comprehensive golf experience in the state.

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