How to watch the PGA Championship in 2017

The PGA of America is expected to open its second major tournament at the Doral Championship at the Treasure Island Resort & Spa on Friday, Jan. 12.

The first major tournament of 2017 is scheduled for March 10-11 in Las Vegas.

The Doral is expected be the first major in Florida in over 50 years.

The PSA Championship will also open at the tournament site.

The PGA Tour has been at the forefront of the sports-themed entertainment in the country, with events such as the PSA Classic and the PTA Tour, as well as various other sports programs.

The tour is in the midst of its first five-year partnership with Disney, which will allow the tour to showcase its brand to a wider audience, including kids.

The company will also sponsor and air the PIAA’s PGA Championships and the Women’s PBA Tour, which are currently in production.

The new partnership with the PCA also comes on the heels of the PBA’s partnership with Walt Disney World Resort and the Dillard’s Holiday Inn.

In 2017, the PAA will host the PVA World Golf Championships, the only PGA TOUR event to do so.

The event is the oldest-ever tournament and is the first time that the PPA will host an event in North America.

The new PGA Tournament of Champions will feature nine tournaments across eight weeks beginning with the final on Sunday, Jan 15.

The tournament will feature eight of the top-ranked players in the world, including a field of 17 that includes eight players in each of the two major championships.

The tournament will be held at the Royal Bessie, a golf resort in Canada.PGA TOUR member teams will play in three PGA Club World Championships, including the PSC World Championship on Sunday in St. Andrews, Scotland.

The top-seeded teams from the three clubs will advance to the final.

The three PCCs will also compete in the final, as will two other clubs.

The winners of the three PSCs will advance one to the PPG National Championship.

The two PCC winners from the PCC National Championship will play each other in the PPC National Championship on Saturday.

The winner of that match will advance two to the 2017 PGA World Championship.

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