Is disk golf a sport?

You may be surprised to learn disk golf is not a sport, but it’s a good question to ask yourself before you start throwing discs.

In a recent interview with The Lad, disc golfers Rob Pendergast and Chris Wilson explained that while the sport has been around for decades, disc golfer interest has only recently increased.

“I don’t think the disc golf industry really realized how much interest there was,” Pendergarth said.

“The thing about disc golf is, it’s like the whole concept is based on putting the ball through your mouth.

So you get a bunch of people that are really good at it, and there’s so many different kinds of players that you’re going to find.

And if you’re really good, then there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to want to get into disc golf and start throwing.”

In the meantime, Pendergardt and Wilson have started to build a disc golf course in their backyard in the beautiful state of Texas.

The course is called “The Pendergs,” after Pender, his wife and son, and their dog, who they named Mr. Pender.

According to Pendergrass, the course was born out of frustration when his wife, who had been playing the game since she was a teenager, got tired of playing against other players.

Penders family decided to try disc golf, and he and his family decided that it was time to take the game public.

They started putting in money to buy a disc and set up a website where people could find their nearest disc shop.

Pendergrass and Wilson eventually created the Disc Golf Discs website, where people can sign up to play disc golf.

The site now has more than 1,000 members, with more than 20,000 discs currently being played by members.

While Pendergrasses first idea was to have the course be a full-fledged tournament, he quickly realized that would require more than just a disc shop and a disc club.

He needed to also put in money for a disc manufacturer and equipment.

As PenderGrasses website continues to grow, so does the demand for disc golf equipment.

Discs have become popular in sports, but they’re not quite as popular in golf.

According to Penders website, “The discs have to be accurate, the holes have to stay open, and you need to be able to hit them.

Discs are just one of those things where it’s so good that it’s hard to put down any other product in the market.”

Pendergrasts first disc golf gear purchase came in December of 2016, when he got a set of discs from the Discmania brand.

It was an old-school, retro set with a disc hole marker and a hole in the middle.

It had a hole for his clubhead, and the holes were labeled with the player’s name, Penders name, and an abbreviation for “PG.”

“I think I actually found the most accurate disc golf holes in a set that I’ve ever owned,” Penders son, Dylan, said.

That was a long time ago.

But, with a little help from friends, Pendargrasts son started to collect discs from a number of different manufacturers and eventually decided to go to Discmania to get his own set.

When Penderges son came home from a disc tournament, Ponder asked his son if he would like a new set, which Pender grasses son agreed to.

At the time, Ponergrass was just getting started with the sport, and after getting a few discs he decided to put together his first disc shop, Disc Golf Equipment, to start playing.

With more than 200 discs on display at the shop, Pereygrast and Wilson were able to set up shop with a budget that would allow them to keep their business afloat.

During the course of the next year, the pair expanded their business to include more equipment and a more permanent home.

After Pendergart was successful with his first store, he started to plan a second store in the area.

Ponder saw that Discmania had an excellent customer service department, so he invited Penderger to run a store at his new location.

To put things in perspective, Podergrasses current store is a total of 12 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 2 feet high.

Now, with over 1,500 discs on show, the Pendergreys are expanding their business by buying more and more discs, but the store remains a very small place.

Their next store will be in a small town called Shreveport, Louisiana.

Though PenderGolds shop is only on the east coast, Pestergrasses is planning to continue expanding his business as he sees the demand grow.

Perergrasts goal is to eventually have his own disc golf shop in a city with over 20

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