How to buy a golf watch for less than $20

Golf watch sales have been plummeting for years.

Now, one company is trying to reverse that trend with a new smartwatch. launched last week, offering smartwatches that cost under $200, which include a GPS and gyroscope to track golf balls.

It’s a pretty solid smartwatch, according to GolfWatch.

The watches are compatible with the Apple Watch, Pebble and Samsung Gear Live, but the most affordable of them is priced at $200.

The watch features a heart rate monitor, a GPS sensor, and a barometer that can be set to show your heart rate.

It also includes an accelerometer and gyroscopes.

The GPS can be used to track the ball in a particular direction and the accelerometer will determine how far the ball will travel at a certain speed.

It’s a great idea for a sports watch, but it’s also expensive, according the company.

GolfWatch has already sold out of the watches, and its site says it plans to ship out 100,000 watches a week by September, and it says it expects to hit 100 million watches by the end of 2018.

That’s not exactly a huge number, but a smartwatch is still a smartwicket, so it’s a step in the right direction.

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