Golf Scores and Golf Memes, Part 3 – The Official Source: News24

Golf scores, golf memes, eagle golf, golf meme are the top trending topics on social media after the official golf scores and golf meme became a trending topic on Twitter and Instagram.

A golfer is seen during the 2017 Ryder Cup at Andrews Air Force Base in Andrews, Md. on July 26, 2018.

The official golf score and the official golfer meme are seen on the tee during the golf game at the Andrews Air Forces Base on July 25, 2018 in Andrews.

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) Golf scores and the eagle golf meme are also the top topics on Facebook, which have nearly 4 million fans and more than 1 billion impressions.

In fact, the social media giant has more than 3.7 billion followers on Twitter alone.

“The golf score has been trending for the past few days on social and has surpassed the million mark for the first time ever,” a News24 spokesperson told ABC News in an email.

Golfer’s have had their share of controversial moments in the past, including the infamous golf ball hit to the back of a woman’s head.

Last year, golfer Dustin Johnson was accused of punching a woman after he was filmed hitting a golf ball into the woman’s face during a round at the PGA Championship in Las Vegas.

Johnson is currently out of action and recovering from a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Follow ABC News Investigations on Facebook and Twitter: More News24 stories about golf, golf, news, golf news, eagles, eagle, golf source ABC News title Golf scores and Golf memes, Part 2 – The official source: News25 article Golf Scores, Golf Memos, eagle gol, golfer meme, golf score, eagle source title Golf score and golf memes have surpassed the billion mark for first time in history – News24 story article Golf score, the official golf score and other golf memes are trending topics in social media.

Eagle golf score, a golf meme and a golfer score are also trending topics.

Here are the most popular hashtags used golf scores in 2018: #golfscore – The number of golf scores currently trending on Twitter.

#eaglegolf – The eagle golf score.

Pigeon hole scores – The most current scoring data from Golf Digest and PGA Tour events.

Worth the price of a tee.

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