What’s in your golf bag?

Golf gear has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the Australian economy, with more than one million golfers playing more than 60 million rounds of golf this year.

Golf gear is the second-largest export of the economy, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and is expected to be worth more than $12 billion by 2020, according the Australian Golf Federation.

Gangrene Golf Gear has been around since 2004, and has grown into a global leader in the golf industry, with its Golf Ball range of golf apparel, footwear and golf equipment sold in over 190 countries around the world.

Gardens Golf Course in Melbourne is the first golf course in Australia to be opened to the public since 2010, and it is one of only two courses in the world that is open to the general public.

The golf course is owned and operated by Golf Course Management Limited, and features a 1,500 metre par-5 tee box, a 5,000 metre par 3 tee box and a 1.75 metre par 4 tee box.

Greens Party member David Leyonhjelm has been a golf enthusiast since childhood, and he says he enjoys golf because it is a relaxing sport.

“I enjoy playing golf,” Mr Leyonc said.

“The course is so beautiful.

There’s a lot of golf in Australia, and I think a lot more people like to play golf than they used to.”

When I play golf, it’s just about enjoying yourself and being relaxed and having a good time.

“The Greens also like to be out and about.”

There’s lots of different types of activities that people can do out and around, and a lot less physical activity,” Mr leyonc explained.”

Golf is a great way of getting away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoying the outdoors, so it’s a great activity for families.

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