Golf GTI to be renamed GTI Sport – Fox Sports News

Golf GTIs new sports car has been named the GTI-S.

The GTI has received a complete overhaul from the Golf GT I, with an aggressive, aggressive look, new styling, and the addition of an 8-cylinder turbocharged engine.

The GTI will also feature a new front fascia, as well as a revised rear bumper and an integrated roof spoiler.

The car will debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

Volkswagen Golf GT-I to become GTI Sports Car by 2019, sources say – Fox News article Volkswagen Golf GTi will become the GT-S in 2019.

The Golf GT has received new bodywork, a redesigned rear bumper, an aerodynamic rear wing and a revised air dam.

The new Golf GT will debut in the United States at the 2018 Detroit Auto show.

VW Golf GT is to be sold in 2018, sources confirm – Fox Business – Volvo Cars: VW Golf will be sold exclusively in 2018 – article Volkswagen will sell its brand new Golf sedan in the US exclusively in the coming years, and that the Golf will also be sold as a premium sedan.

The VW Golf hatchback will also come with a turbocharged V6 engine, and a diesel version of the Golf.

The Golf GT and the Golf Sport Sedan will come with standard and optional all-wheel drive, which is the same model as the Golf and Golf Sport.

Volkswagen says the Golf sedan will have a top speed of about 170 miles per hour and a 0-60 time of about 3.7 seconds.

The Golf and GTi have been developed by Volkswagen in the Netherlands.

The automaker plans to roll out the new Golf and the new GT-T to dealerships by the end of 2020.

“The Golf will continue to be a premium and powerful sedan, providing more than enough performance to meet our customers’ daily needs,” said Martin Winterkorn, president of the Volkswagen Group of America.

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