Which golf courses in the U.S. have the best golf courses?

Golf courses in some parts of the country have some of the best facilities in the world.

But you can’t really blame golf courses for their ability to be overlooked.

Many of them were built during the 20th century, when golf was still a fringe sport in the United States.

The majority of golf courses are still owned by their original owners, according to a 2015 report from the Golf Course Research Foundation.

Here are the most popular golf courses around the world, according the GolfCourseResearch.com website.1.

Lago Vista Golf Club, Lago Villa, California—Established in 1928 by Jack Lago, a former professional golfer, Laguas golf course has a large open-play area and some of its greens are par-4s.

Lagos father died in 1973 and his son took over the course in 1976.2.

Oakmont Golf Club in Michigan—One of the oldest golf courses on the West Coast, Oakmont is home to several classic courses.

The courses have a par-5 layout with the best par-6s in the country.3.

Pinnacle Golf Course in Texas—This former U.K. Open was built by Sir David Attenborough, who is best known for his BBC series, “The Planet of the Apes.”

The course has the best greens in the state.4.

PGA-Pro-Am at Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, New York—This is one of the most famous courses in America, but the course isn’t a traditional golf course.

The course is built for par-three play and has some of America’s best greens.5.

Pebble Beach Golf Club—This course in Pebble Beach, California has been used by the golfer who won the 2014 PGA Championship.

It was built in 1962 and is currently owned by Rory McIlroy.6.

Par-5 Tiger Woods Club at The Country Club at Pebble Beach—This four-star resort in the Bahamas has been the site of many tournaments.

Its par-3 greens have the most holes in the game.7.

Largo Golf Club at Lakewood—This five-star golf resort in Lakewood, Florida, has been in the news a lot recently because of the deaths of three of its golfers, including the man who won last year’s PGA championship.

The resort has been around since 1879 and the greens are a par 5 layout.8.

Pebble Golf Links at Lake Worth, Florida—The courses in Lake Worth and Lakeland are one of golf’s most popular.

The par-7 and par-8 layouts are popular.9.

The Course at the Country Club in Lakeland—The course at the Golf Links in Lakelands is a par 3, par 5 and par 6 layout.10.

Pebble-Creek National Golf Club and Country Club—The Pebble-Cooper Golf Club sits at the end of a golf course that stretches for nearly 300 yards.

The golf course includes a par 4, par 6 and par 7 layout.11.

Pebble Creek Golf Club Golf Links—The par-10, par-12 and par 5 layouts are common at the Pebble-Merrill Golf Club.

The club has been known for years for its golf.12.

St. Andrews Golf Club on the Cape Cod—This seven-star course at St. Johns River, Georgia, has had a reputation for being among the toughest courses in South Carolina.

The area around the course is a short distance from the Georgia state line.13.

Pebble Hills Golf Club & Resort—The Golf Links and PGA Club in Pebble Hills, Florida are two of the biggest courses in Florida.

It has some world class par-15 and par 17 layouts, including a par 10 and par 12 layout.14.

Pinehurst Golf Club is located on the shores of Lake Huron, Michigan, just north of Detroit.

It is one the oldest courses in Michigan, having been built in 1782.15.

Cypress Hills Golf Course—The Cypress Golf Club was established in 1874 and has a reputation as being among America’s toughest golf courses.16.

Doral Golf Course at Doral, Florida–This three-star facility has been considered one of Americas toughest golf clubs.

The five-shot par-five layout has some par-four greens and the course has some great par-ten shots.17.

Royal Palm Golf Course–This four star golf course at Royal Palm, Florida was built to be a par four course.

It features four par-11, par 12 and par 13 greens and has three par-seven and par eight holes.18.

Lusitania Golf Club—”The Big One” in Palm Beach—A five-time PGA Champion, this course has had many of its best shots in the last two decades.

The two par-eight holes are par 10s.19.

Piney Mountain Golf Club–This six-star property in Piney, Georgia

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