Why you should pay attention to the Pinehurst Golf Course

Pinehurst golf courses have received more than $30 million in federal grants over the past two years.

The federal government is giving golf courses the go-ahead to build new courses and improve golf course facilities.

But they are also facing challenges in meeting the federal goal of getting 40 percent of the country’s golf courses open and providing them with clean water.

The new federal funding for Pinehurst, a scenic area on the Atlantic coast, comes from the Trump administration’s new budget for fiscal 2018.

Pinehurst’s golf course was selected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in late 2018.

It’s one of only two U.K.-built golf courses built on the Pine, located in South Carolina.

The other is in Scotland, and it’s still open.

Pinecrest Golf Course In September, the U

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