‘We are tired’: Golf legend Joe Gibbs calls on Obama to stop golf tour

Al Jazeera has published excerpts from a book about the late Joe Gibbs, who died on Sunday aged 92.

Gibbs was known for his competitive spirit and his willingness to take risks in his golf career, and his death has reignited the debate about the use of golf equipment in sport.

His wife, Joan, said in a statement: “As Joe, I have known and worked with some of the greatest men and women in the world.

The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone’s feelings about a man who gave his life for the game of golf.”

Gibson died in his sleep, surrounded by his wife and four children.

“His legacy is that of an incredible player and a tireless competitor,” the book says.

“He took his game to the next level and was a pioneer in the use and marketing of technology.”

The book also includes a tribute to Gibbs, calling him a “gentle giant” and a “gifted man” who made life easier for the many people he touched.

“It is a fitting tribute to one of the greats of our time, Joe Gibbs,” the statement says.

The Gibbses played together for six years at the Golf Club of America (GCA) in Chicago before they split in 1972, after which he went on to play professionally in the US.

They were married in 1973.

A spokesman for the golf association declined to comment.

The book says the Gibbses were the only couple who played regularly and were the “first couple to play at the highest level of golf” in the city.

The US government has banned golf equipment from its golf courses in order to cut down on injuries, but has yet to ban any of the popular tournaments.

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