Golf Warehouse Update: Golf Set Up to Sell for $1.2 Million

Golf Warehouse is preparing to begin sales of golf balls from its 2nd swing warehouse, aoki golf balls and aoki clubs, as well as aoki gear to sell for $2.2 million.

The sale comes after the company reported its first-quarter profit of $1,632,000, and its third-quarter net loss of $5,000.

The company said it is selling a $2,000 bonus for all employees, as the deal closes.

The golf warehouse has been in operation since late 2015 and will sell the golf clubs and balls to golfers through its online store.

The business was acquired by a Japanese company, Aoki Golf Corp., in June 2018.

The Aoki golf company announced in February 2018 that it was acquiring Golf Warehouse for $7.4 million.

Golf Warehouse reported its fourth-quarter earnings in October 2018.

Its first-half earnings fell to $5.2 billion from $7 billion, and it also reported a fourth-year net loss.

Golf warehouse will begin selling the golf balls to golfer customers starting in February 2019.

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