Which women are golfing with the best?

A group of women golfers have come up with their own list of the best golfers to date.

Key points:The list was compiled from more than 300 golfers, including the best and worst golfers on tour and the top five female golfers.

“Women are golfers and they are great,” says Ashley Tait.

“We are all equal.”

There is no right or wrong.

All golfers should be treated equally.

“She started compiling the list in March after a year of studying players on the women’s circuit.”

I started collecting the women I saw on the course,” she said.”

It’s important to take it in the context of a lot of golfers being really competitive.

“She found the women she was most interested in included former world number one Nadia Nadal, former world No. 2 Serena Williams and the Australian Open’s Michelle Williams.”

The women I am looking for are not just good, they are the best of the worst,” she says.”

They are not looking for any particular ranking.

“They are looking for the best.”

Tait started compiling her list and the list grew.

“In March we had a lot more golfers in the list,” she told News.


“Then it just started growing.

I was getting more calls from golf clubs.””

I was really surprised when I went and looked at the women in the top 10, I had never heard of them before.”

A lot of them are just phenomenal.

“Tesserae Tait is one of the women who compiled the list.

She started collecting women’s golfers’ top-5 ranking.”

As I started collecting, I started to see that there were more women in there,” she explained.”

And then I started seeing some of the top women who are on tour have gone on to become world champions.””

So it was really a great thing to see.

“Tresserae says she has always been a fan of women’s sport, but when the opportunity arose to write a golfers golf guide she was not disappointed.”

What I like about the women is they are so open,” she laughs.”

That’s what I like the most about golf.

“Tiffany Linton was one of those women.

She was one that was approached by the Golf Association of Queensland and then she had the idea to compile a list.”

If you have a list of golfing women, then you should be the ones compiling it,” she added.”

Because it is such a diverse sport, and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

“People will say, ‘You’ve got to be the best women’.

I say, no, no.

You’re just going to be a good golfer, you’re just doing your job, you’ll be fine.”

She said the list is based on how much she enjoys playing golf.

“You’re always going to find that there are a lot people who enjoy playing the game,” she noted.

“But there is one thing about it that is hard to pick out: the women.”

Every one of us have the best hobby.

We all love golf, we all love to compete.

“Tisserae Linton compiled the women list.

It was her idea to put together the list that was a bit of a challenge.”

It was a little bit of an eye-opener for me because I didn’t know if people were really into women’s play, or if people just didn’t want to see women in golf. “

But then I thought maybe I should have a different top five.”

Tessera Linton and Tiffany Linton.”

So I thought, why don’t I compile the women of the world?”

Tessera Linton and Tiffany Linton.

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