Jordan’s Jordan Brand shoes and Golf Digest get the biggest deal

The Jordan Brand has a big deal with Nike Golf Clubs.

The Jordan brand and Nike Golf have signed a deal that will see Jordan Golf shoes and Nike golf clubs be offered to Nike Golf customers in the U.S. and Canada, the two companies announced Tuesday.

The deal was negotiated between Jordan and Nike.

Jordan has been an exclusive partner of Nike Golf for years, and it also has a deal with DaimlerChrysler.

Jordan Golf was the first golf shoe to be developed and designed by Nike.

It was designed with the aim of creating a shoe that could stand up to wear and tear, while still providing a comfortable fit.

The shoe was designed to give golfers an athletic advantage and a competitive advantage.

“The Jordan Brand is committed to working with Nike and DaimllerChysler to deliver a range of innovative products and services to Golf Digest readers,” said Jordan’s director of global golf, Brian Fung, in a statement.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Nike, which will further the brand’s commitment to improving the way Golf Digest delivers golfers with the best quality footwear and accessories available today.”

The deal will go into effect on January 6.

In addition to the Jordan Golf and Golf Le Fleur, Nike Golf is also selling a number of other Nike Golf products, including the Nike Lunar Pro, the Nike Flyknit and the Nike Pro Boost.

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