The Best Places to Play Golf at a Budget Budget Price

Detroits Golf Club is a budget golf course in Detroit that offers more options than most, including the ability to play at a lower price point.

Located on the city’s east side, the course’s owner, Richard Foothills, says the course was created to cater to the needs of Detroit’s residents and retirees. 

“I’m really happy with what we’re doing with the budget golf courses, especially for the city of Detroit,” Foothill said. 

He said the course is part of a trend of new budget golf parks that cater to families with small children. 

At $20,000 per week, the club can be booked for weekends and long weekends, Foothies said.

“If you can get to this price point, you’re getting a really nice little course with a big, beautiful view of downtown, a nice hole, a good hole-in-one, and there’s lots of greens,” he said.

“You can also get to the golf course on a weekday, and the courses are always busy. 

Foothills said that the course offers a great view of the Detroit skyline and nearby Detroit Harbor. 

The course is located on a busy stretch of Michigan Avenue between Michigan and I-94, just west of the Motor City. 

When you walk in, you’ll notice the green of the course has a beautiful white stripe running down it.

The course has four holes, a par-5 hole, and two par-4 holes.

The holes are called the “Crescent Course” for the shape of the par-6 hole, according to Fooths.

As the course goes up, the green gets darker, and then turns to a deep green. 

One hole, “The Ball,” is a par 4. 

While Foothis said the hole is not the most difficult, he did note that it is the most forgiving, allowing players to hit more shots in one go. 

Once you hit the ball, you can do the reverse shot on the next hole.

Foothides said the golfers have also done the reverse shots at other golf courses. 

There are two par 5 holes and three par 5s on the course. 

You’ll notice that Footh’s par-7 hole is named “Foothish,” according to the website. 

It’s an easy par 5 that you can hit in less than a minute. 

 At the back of the golf club is a clubhouse, and Footh said it offers a nice view of Detroit and nearby Grand River. 

If you’re looking for something to play on the weekend, Fampos said the club also offers a wide variety of different courses, including one that is $60,000. 

That’s less than the cost of a golf course at the other Detroit budget golf sites, Foothes said.

Fooths said the new budget courses are all geared towards families and can accommodate both children and adults. 

This is the first time that the Detroit budget courses have been offered on a full-size course, he said, adding that the courses can be rented for up to five weeks. 

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