How to use your Android phone to watch live video on Google+ with Google Now in 2017

By now, everyone has at least one Android smartphone that can stream live video from YouTube and Google+ in real-time.

The feature works just like you’d expect, with the only difference being that it’s all done in the cloud.

However, if you’re a Google+ user, you’ll now have the ability to use it to watch your favourite content in the background, without even needing to launch the app.

So what’s this all about?

It’s pretty simple really.

You just need to open up the Google+ app, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap on “View my account”.

This will show you a list of your friends, and lets you switch between them without having to open the app every time.

The list of available friends will change based on how much content you’ve watched in the last 24 hours.

You can then switch to a different friend if you want, or if you just want to switch to someone else.

In terms of how this works, you need to have Google+ installed and activated to use this feature.

So if you’ve been using an Android phone with a Google account for a while, you should already have it activated.

You’ll need to install Google+ on your device and open up Google+ to see the option to stream your video.

You will also need to enable the ‘Play videos while watching videos’ setting.

Once this is done, your video will be available for viewing, but you won’t be able to switch between your friends until you turn off the feature.

There are also two other features you’ll need, which you can see in the video below.

One of these is called “Play video while watching video” and it will take you to the video you’re watching.

The other is called ‘Play video on demand’.

While these are only available when you’re streaming, they can also be accessed by going to the Settings menu, tap the ‘Media’ button, and tapping on the ‘Settings’ section.

From here you can set up your favourite videos to play as long as they’re in the same location as your device, which is useful for those who don’t want to have to switch the video playback every time they need to go to the app store.

How do you use this on your Android smartphone?

There are two ways to use the Google Plus feature.

The first is to turn it on for each individual account you have, as explained below.

You don’t have to have any of your Google+ accounts active at the same time, as they’ll automatically get activated after you have the feature enabled.

Once enabled, all of your videos will automatically play as soon as you tap on them, as long they’re not in the exact same location.

To use this with just one account, simply tap the little plus sign next to your profile picture.

You then need to set up the settings of the account, as well as the ‘Show video on request’ and ‘Play while watching’ options, to allow your videos to be streamed in the foreground.

You need to first enable ‘Show Video on Request’, as described above.

This will allow you to start a new video and set it to play in the centre of the screen, so that you can watch it in the fullscreen view.

Once you’ve done this, your videos can be viewed in the following order: the first video to play, then the second, then third, and so on.

If you’d like your videos from other accounts to play alongside your own, you can also enable the “Play videos whilst watching videos” setting.

When this is enabled, the first and last videos will play while you’re browsing your Google+.

You can toggle this setting back on by going back to the ‘View my accounts’ section of the Google+.

settings menu and tapping ‘Show Media’ in the bottom right hand corner.

Once the videos have been played, you just need wait until you’re done watching them.

If the last video you watched is playing, it will be hidden in the main YouTube app, so you won’ t be able access it until you reopen it.

This can also help if you don’t wish to have your videos play in fullscreen, as your favourite channels will be muted during this period.

How to get Google+ notifications on Android smartphones How to find out when your friends are subscribed to Google+ article You can access your Google friends list from the Google Play app or on your phone’s Settings menu.

Once in the Google friends section, tap on ‘My friends’ to open it up.

On the ‘Friends’ page, you will see your Google profile picture, which will automatically open the ‘My Google’ section where you can manage your Google accounts.

On your profile page, tap ‘Profile’ to get to the profile settings menu.

You should see your name listed next to it, and then tap ‘Edit Profile’.

This will open the Profile Settings menu where you’ll see your

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