When will the first Bridgestone Golf Ball go on sale?

With the PGA Tour’s 2018-19 season set to begin on Monday, the time has finally come to get your hands on the first ever Bridgestones golf ball markers.

The Bridgestoned golf balls are set to hit the shelves this week for the first time ever, and there are a lot of people out there wanting one.

The first Bridged Golf Balls have already been available to buy from retailers for $39.95US, or $99.95UK, with the Bridgeston golf ball being priced at $129.95.

If you want one, the best way to find out when the first ones are available is by visiting Bridgestons website, and using the search bar.

It is important to note that the Bridged golf balls will be available on both the PGN and PGA TOUR’s website, meaning that you will not be able to get them through a traditional online shopping portal like Walmart or Amazon.

You can check out the Bridgewell Golf Balls and other golf balls here

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