When golf pants come back, it won’t be just for the outdoors

Golf pants are still in the closet.

So when the golf industry finally gets around to bringing them back, what will they look like?

Golfers, of course.

The golf industry, however, has been getting its pants back a little faster than the rest of us.

And they’re finally coming out of the closet again.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the new golf pants are lighter than the old ones.

They are not, however.

They weigh less.

The new golf golf pants don’t have holes, holes are just holes, but they’re made of the same material that was used to make golf pants in the past.

That makes them more durable than the pants that used to be worn underneath.

And, because the golf pants have holes in them, they don’t pull on.

But the new ones do, and the new one is much lighter.

The next thing you notice is the new pants have the same shape as the old pants, but the new construction has been made up of smaller holes.

It’s much more durable, too.

The golf pants’ new construction is stronger and more flexible than the ones that used, and they look more like pants than a traditional golf shirt.

And the new design has a little extra room underneath the waistband.

This gives you extra room to maneuver around and to keep your pants neat and neat.

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