Why the golf course in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City is closed

An Israeli golf course is being closed because of security concerns.

A senior government official said Sunday that the reason for the closure was due to the increased risk of a terror attack at the course.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak publicly.

“The risk of an attack at this golf course increased in recent months,” the official said.

“It has been decided that the risk is so high that there is no longer an appropriate risk to the public and to the country that the resort will be closed.”

The official added that the security assessment of the resort was not completed before the decision to close the resort had been made.

The official said that while the resort has been closed in the past due to security reasons, this is the first time that it was closed in a public way.

“There is a risk that a terrorist attack could take place, but the decision was made to shut it down in order to prevent that,” the security official said, adding that the decision had been taken to “limit the risk of such an attack.”

The security official also said that security at the resort “remains good and there are no signs of an increase in the number of attacks.”

Israeli security officials say they are taking additional measures at the golf courses in the Old City and the Green Line neighborhoods to prevent a terror threat.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an address to parliament on Monday that he has ordered a review of the security situation in Jerusalem.

He also warned that the threat of attacks is growing in the city and that the country is facing an imminent danger of terrorism.

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