Supreme Golf at Balboa Park for sale

Supreme Golf and other golf retailers in Southern California have started a golf shoe sale for the first time in a decade.

The golf retailer, which is owned by United States Golf, will open the sale on Monday, March 6, and offer the new Supreme Golf line at the Balboa Golf Course in Balboa Hills.

The sale is open to both men and women, and can be found online at

The shoes are sold for $249.99, and are available for pre-order through March 20.

The Balboa sale will begin on March 18 and runs through March 22.

This is the second Supreme Golf sale in a year.

The company opened its first online golf store in 2014.

The store also has two golf stores in Los Angeles, which closed this year.

“The Supreme Golf collection continues to deliver great value to our loyal customers,” said David Siegel, Supreme Golf CEO.

“The Supreme collection offers the perfect combination of quality, style and comfort for any golfer.”

The Supreme collection features models from the company’s own line, the Supreme Pro line, including the Air Force 1, Air Force 2, and Air Force 3, plus the Airforce 4 and Airforce 5, which are available in different colors and are expected to be released in March.

The Supreme Pro is available in black, white, red, pink, blue, purple and green.

The Air Force 4 is available as a grey color, while the AirForce 5 is available black.

The Supreme Pro also features an upper that is black and white, while that is the Air Forces 5 and Air Forces 6.

The Pro and AirForce 6 are both available in white and blue.

The new Supreme line will also include a new Supreme 2 and Supreme 3 models.

The new Supreme models, which have been created with Supreme Pro in mind, include the Air Corps 1, the Air Navy 1, and the Air Marine 1.

The sale comes as Supreme is looking to expand its golf store footprint in Southern Californias most affluent neighborhoods, including West Hollywood and Culver City.

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