GOLF RANKINGS: What we know and what we don’t

World Golf Rankings are a list of the most popular golf courses in the world.

It is an online database of golf courses, facilities and events that are visited by a specific number of golfers.

Here’s how the list works.

World Golf Rankings, updated as of 2018.1.

The Open Cup2.

The PGA Championship3.

The Masters4.

The Players Championship5.

The US Open6.

The European Tour7.

The World Golf Championships8.

The Parc des Princes9.

The BMW Championship10.

The Dubai Open11.

The Australian Open12.

The U.S. Open13.

The Shanghai Masters14.

The LPGA Championship15.

The Ryder Cup16.

The French Open17.

The Swiss Open18.

The Turkish Open19.

The German Open20.

The Indian Wells Open21.

The Italian Open22.

The Belgian Open23.

The British Open24.

The Portuguese Open25.

The American Open26.

The Canadian Open27.

The Japanese Open28.

The New Zealand Open29.

The Brazilian Open30.

The Dutch Open31.

The Norwegian Open32.

The Singapore Open33.

The Spanish Open34.

The Malaysian Open35.

The Asian Tour36.

The UAE Tour37.

The United Arab Emirates Tour38.

The South African Open39.

The China Open40.

The Middle East Tour41.

The Japan Open42.

The Caribbean Tour43.

The North America Open44.

The Africa Tour45.

The Australia Open46.

The Asia Tour47.

The Americas Championship48.

The FUT Champions49.

The FIFA World Cup50.

The 2018 World Cup51.

2018 Ryder Cup schedule, broadcast live on BBC Two

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