Golf balls, meadows golf club, golf courses in Kirkland

On Monday, the Kirkland golf course in central Ontario, one of Canada’s oldest golf courses, will get another new owner.

The golf course has been under the management of John Macdonald and his family for more than two decades.

He’s owned the Kirklands since 2006.

But on Wednesday, he’s closing it down to new owners, and will be putting the golf course on the market for $1.6 million.

In his announcement, Macdonald said the new owners will restore the golf courses golf course and the clubhouse and make it a great place to play.

He also says he’s willing to provide funding for the restoration of the meadows that will be built at the new golf course.

“I’m going to be the beneficiary of a generous gift from the city of Kirkland,” Macdonald told CBC News on Tuesday.

“And I think that’s very important for our community.”

John Macdonas announcement that he will close the Kirklanders golf course will not affect the golf program at the Kirklander golf course, but it will affect the future of the Kirklays meadows.

Macdonald said he’s working on a plan to preserve the meadow that will have a golf course that will bring in tourism and that will create jobs.

“The meadows are very important to us,” he said.

“We’re trying to build a new golf facility for them.”

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