What you need to know about Ping Pong, Ping Pongs golf simulator

The Ping Pings Golf Club and Ping Pounds golf simulator is the latest product from PingPong.

The company’s golf simulator has the same feel as the Pongs, but it has a new look and is much better looking than the Pong.

It has been updated to work with Microsoft’s latest golf game, Golf Legends, and will come with the latest game updates.

This new Golf Club has a more modern feel and looks great on your TV.

You’ll need to use the Kinect camera in the game to control the game.

The PingPongs Golf Club comes with a new controller, the new PingPods, and has the ability to stream games to your Xbox 360.

The Golf Club costs $249.99 and is out now.

PingPings Golf Pro and PingPucks Golf Club are currently on sale for $499.99 each.

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