Jordan Golf Shoes Are Coming Back to Walmart on August 14, 2018

This is a great time to get back into golfing and have your golf shoes returned to you when they come back in stores. 

On Saturday, August 14th, 2018 Walmart will offer the following limited time deal to return any golf shoes you’ve bought on your last trip to Walmart: If you have purchased your shoes from Walmart online and are in the continental US, you will be eligible to purchase one shoe at a discounted rate from the following online retailers: $35.00 $29.99 $25.99  and you will receive a code on your Walmart shopping receipt for a FREE Nike Golf Shoe. 

The Nike Golf Shoes will arrive at your nearest Walmart store at 11:59pm ET on August 15th, and they will be available for pickup at the following locations: Walmart.CA Walmart.US You can redeem your code at any Walmart location at any time from 11:00pm ET August 15 to 3:00am ET August 16th, or you can enter your code online from 11:01am ET to 3,00am ET August 16. 

In addition to the Nike Golf Boots, you can also purchase a pair of Nike Golf Tee Shirts and a pair of Nike Golf Pumps from the Nike Store. 

These offer great value and will be a great addition to any golf bag. 

For more information on the Nike PGA Golf Shoes, see this article. 

Check out this video of the Nike GOLF Club and the Nike KORG Club, the latter two of which are only available at Walmart stores.

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