NHL’s top picks for the 2019-20 season

The NHL will release its 2019-2020 season predictions in a matter of weeks, but the league’s top general managers are already talking draft classes that could change the course of the season and the standings in the NHL.

With the league in a frenzy to land top picks and the draft coming up in two weeks, here are the top 25 picks for every team that is expected to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.1.

Dallas Stars2.

Florida Panthers3.

Nashville Predators4.

Vancouver Canucks5.

Anaheim Ducks6.

New Jersey Devils7.

Pittsburgh Penguins8.

Philadelphia Flyers9.

Chicago Blackhawks10.

St. Louis Blues11.

Edmonton Oilers12.

New York Rangers13.

Colorado Avalanche14.

Arizona Coyotes15.

Carolina Hurricanes16.

Arizona Senators17.

Los Angeles Kings18.

Florida Blue Jackets19.

Arizona Wild20.

Colorado Coyotes1.

Florida Atlantic Hurricanes1.

Colorado Blues2.

Anaheim Flyers3.

Washington Capitals4.

St Louis Blues5.

Dallas Kings6.

Anaheim Flames7.

Minnesota Wild8.

San Jose Sharks9.

Carolina Panthers10.

Vancouver Sharks11.

Florida Predators12.

Colorado Stars13.

Anaheim Hurricanes14.

Tampa Bay Lightning15.

Edmonton Canadiens16.

St Pierre Islanders17.

Toronto Maple Leafs18.

Montreal Canadiens19.

Winnipeg Jets20.

Philadelphia Senators21.

Florida Penguins22.

Arizona Ducks23.

New Orleans Canadiens24.

Ottawa Senators25.

Nashville Coyotes1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next All

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