What is the difference between ironwood golf and aoki?

Aoki is a Japanese term for the country’s best green, and the company behind the shoes is hoping to attract the masses with its signature shoes.

The company is offering two new ironwood-soled shoes: the Aoki Golf Shoes, which is an American version of its Ironwood Golf Shoes; and the Ironwood Shoes 2, which comes in a variety of colorways and features an Ironwood logo on the heel.

Aoki has also teamed up with Nike, and they will sell the shoes online starting tomorrow.

If you are a golfer who has ever wanted to hit the links with your favorite pair of ironwood shoes, you’re in luck.

Aoki has announced that it is partnering with Nike to sell them in America.

The shoes will cost $150 and will ship from December 8th.

If you want to buy the shoes, they’re now available for preorder on the Aoshi Golf Shoes website.

You can see more photos of the shoes on Aoki’s Instagram account here and here.

The shoes have been spotted in the U.K., the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.

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