How to make your own golf tee times

Golf watches are getting smarter and cheaper.

Now, with an iPhone app, you can customize your own golfer’s tee times to suit your preferences and budget.

The app is available for iOS devices and can be used with any golfer.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s still an improvement over the old fashioned tee-times that would require you to bring your own bag and/or bag with you.

The app also includes the ability to set a golf tee time that you can sync to your phone.

The golf tee is also available in several colors and designs, and the app allows you to save the settings for later.

It’s not clear what the tee-time can do for you personally, but the Golf Watch app is free and can even be used to set custom golf tee-timings for you, and if you want, you could even send them back to the golfer for free.

A few of the options available in the app include: – The option to send a custom tee time, or set a specific tee time for your golf game.

– Custom golf tee tee-designs with multiple colors and different design fonts.

 – Custom golfer tee-color designs, as well as tee-pattern designs.

These golf tee designs could be particularly useful for people with different eyesight or are looking for a different tee.

Some of the more obvious options are: 1.

Choose from multiple tee-styles and color schemes.


Choose the golf tee for the day, or a specific game of golf.


Choose to have the golber pick the tee time to be played at the appropriate time.


Set a different golf tee on the course.


Choose a different golfer golf style and color scheme.


Custom golf tees.


Custom golier tee-colors.


Set golf tee to be changed after each tee shot.


Choose which tee to wear during the course of a round, such as a red-hot tee, blue-hot, or green-hot.


Set custom golf teef, golf tee shape, and color-style to suit a particular golf course.

You can also use the app to set your own custom tee-totals.


Choose how many times to play a round.


Set the golf course for a specific golf game, such for a tournament.


Set golfer time to coincide with your golf tee.

You also have the option of making a custom game, and this can be done in-app, or you can also create a custom golf course and use the Golf Watcher app to sync the course to your iPhone.

You can download the GolfWatch app for free and you can find it on the App Store for free if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

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