How to get your golf balls into the best shape of your life

Golf balls are a big deal.

You’ll have to spend a fortune to buy a new pair, but with a good pair of golf balls, you’ll never have to worry about getting them dirty again.

Weighing in at about 5.5 pounds each, the golf balls will keep you and your game fresh for hours.

The most common size balls are the 18- and 20-inch ones, but the 21-inch, 22-inch and 23-inch sizes also come in different weights.

To get the best balls for you, you should try to go for a size that fits you best, and not the biggest size you can find.

The golf balls are made of rubber that’s made of a mixture of nylon and plastic.

You can get them at most major sporting goods stores, but they can be difficult to find at your local hardware store.

The ball itself is usually a fairly small object, but there are some ball sizes that are a little bigger, and you should keep in mind that the bigger the ball, the more likely it is to slip off.

Here are the best and worst balls to buy for your golfer: Best Golf Balls: Golf Balls from Golf Equipment Companies

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