Colonial golf course to be renamed after Confederate hero, but not with a plaque

Colonial Golf Course, located on the northern edge of Cape Cod, is to be officially renamed in honor of Confederate Major General George E. McClellan.

The company will donate $5 million to the University of South Carolina.

The course, which opened in 2006, has been the site of protests over the removal of Confederate monuments and monuments to former Confederate presidents.

“The Colonial Golf Club is an integral part of the South Carolina experience and is a true part of what made this state so special and so unique,” the company said in a statement.

“Our family has made history by joining together in a shared mission of promoting the values and culture that make this state great.”

Colonial Golf President Kevin Johnson told ABC News that the name change will not change the name of the course.

“[I]f the public and private organizations were able to come together and create a new name, I would not object,” he said.

The Confederate Monument, erected in 1927, is on the grounds of the Colonial Golf course, pictured in 2012. “

We have no plans to change the course name, but we would like to do so in a way that honors our history and our legacy.”

The Confederate Monument, erected in 1927, is on the grounds of the Colonial Golf course, pictured in 2012.

Johnson said that Colonial Golf will donate to the university $5.5 million over the next decade to “enhance the history of the club, the history and heritage of our state, and our continued commitment to being an inclusive and welcoming place for all.”

The project has been a long time coming.

Colonial Golf was originally built in 1927 by the then-governor and current senator, John J. Belcher, and has since become a favorite spot for golfers and boaters.

The company’s initial plan to rename the course was announced in 2015.

But the name “Colonial” was never officially announced.

In a statement to ABC News, Colonial said it was honored to be the first Southern company to commit to naming a golf course after an African American leader.

“Colonial Golf has been named a historic landmark, with the name Colonial Golf now a part of our national park system,” Colonial said.

As part of that effort, Colonial plans to begin donating $5,000 to the campus.

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