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Golfers, rejoice!

The golf world has another big tournament in sight.

The Golf Masters has just concluded its fourth and final year and now is about to get its fourth-annual edition.

But who’s in the line-up and when?

Here’s the latest.

Who’s in?

How to watch?

The Masters will be held in Augusta National Park, the largest golf resort in the US.

It will feature the best players from around the world competing for a total prize purse of $100m (£65m) – the highest in the world.

It’s the first time in the sport’s history that the tournament will feature a full field of 32 men’s and eight women’s golfers competing for the $100,000 purse.

What are the main things to watch for?

There are a lot of big events in the first year of the Masters.

There are three major championships at the beginning of the season, with the US Open, the US PGA Championship and the British Open all taking place.

It is the first Masters event to feature a World Golf Championship in the UK, with four events at St Andrews and two at Loughborough.

The US Open is one of the world’s biggest tournaments, with over $50m being paid out over the first week of the tournament.

The PGA Tour, the major golf organisation, will be in charge of running the tournament from 2018.

The Masters is also the first major event of the year to feature the new Tour of California, the premier cycling event of this year.

It marks the start of the first cycling tour of the US in 17 years, which kicks off on the same weekend as the Masters, with riders racing against each other on a road race track.

Will it be a great year?

The golf tournament is expected to be one of golf’s most lucrative, with prize money and television deals expected to eclipse the golf world’s $2bn annual turnover.

But will it be one that will leave many golfers disappointed?

It’s impossible to say for sure, because the tournament is so different to the world of golf, but many golfing fans are still expecting the Masters to be an incredible success.

But with so many different tournaments happening at once, it’s unlikely any one tournament will be as successful.

And even if it is, it will be a big gamble.

How does the tournament stack up to other major tournaments?

The main difference between the Masters and other major events is that the golfers who make the cut for the USPGA Championship, PGA Junior Championship, the British PGA Championships, the Australian Open, and the European Tour will be playing at Augusta National.

The Tour of America, the men’s golf tournament, is held on the other side of the globe.

So how many golf players will be competing in Augusta?

The top eight players in each division in the Masters will each qualify for the final two rounds of the main tournament.

There will be five rounds of 32 golfers vying for the overall prize purse, and then the top eight will face off in the final round to determine the top seed for the main event.

What happens if I lose in the main draw?

You have one last chance to compete for a chance to play in the $5m prize pot and then you must beat the other seven winners to make it to the final draw.

In the last round, there are four remaining tournaments.

The winner of the last two events, the winner of each of the two last three events, and all of the remaining players from the main field will meet in the last three rounds of each event.

Who else will be involved in the tournaments?

There is also a World Masters Challenge, which is the largest and most prestigious golf event in the worlds golf calendar.

It takes place in November in the Philippines.

It brings together some of the biggest golfers in the country and is considered the pinnacle of the sport.

The tournament has also attracted big names from tennis, rugby and rugby union, with a World Cup event taking place in the middle of the event.

The event was also broadcast on the BBC.

What is the prize money?

The biggest prize money that will be awarded in the tournament this year is $25m (£19m).

That’s a whopping $50,000 a player, and that’s going to be spread around the four main events and the World Championships.

It means that in total there will be $1.6bn in prize money to be won, and it’s going be spread between all the golf players competing for that money.

Which golfers will be on the main golf course?

There will also be six holes in the PGA Masters course, including two that are used by the World Golf Championships.

And there will also have to be a third golf course that’s used by other events, such as the World Amateur Championship.

Will the main events be played at the same time?


There’s a different rule for each event, with golfers not allowed to compete in the

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