How to get your golf game on with golf course miniature golf course

Golfers have long wanted to experience the miniature courses in miniature, and the mini golf miniature course at VWS Golf Club in Sydney has made that dream come true.

VWS Golf’s mini golf course at Sydney’s VWS golf club has become a go-to spot for those wanting to play mini golf, and now the club is looking to add mini golf to its repertoire.

The club has partnered with Golf Australia to offer mini golf courses in three different locations.

In the first of these venues, the club will be offering mini golf for those who want to play in a mini golf miniature golf course, a game where the course itself has become the miniature.

The first mini golf game to take part in the mini-golf mini-game will be at the VWS, and players will be able to use the mini course to practise mini golf while playing mini golf.

In the second mini golf area, the mini courses will be set up at VICs Victoria International Golf Club and the VWA, where players can practice mini golf and play mini-tour, mini golf tours with a friend.

The mini golf is a unique form of golf where you are limited to playing the mini game and not the course at all, with no rules.

The VWS has been developing mini golf since 2016, and it has been working with the Australian Golf Association and other venues around the country to create mini golf venues.

“Mini golf is the perfect game to use as a small-scale miniature golf tournament,” a VWS spokesperson said.

“With this new mini golf location we are able to expand the fun of playing miniature golf by offering a mini-mansion-sized mini golf experience.”

For the first time ever, you can play a mini mini golf in your own backyard and have fun with your friends.

“We will be introducing a new mini-mini golf tournament at VWA later this year.”

Mini Golf mini-gaming is the new fun for everyone in Australia.

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