A ‘big-picture’ look at golf’s future

By Nick HauslerABOARD AUCKLAND, Australia — A new golf cart tire is one of a growing number of products to tackle the growing problem of COVID-19.

The Australian-based company, Golf Cart Tire, says it’s not the first to develop such products.

But it’s the latest that’s made a dent in the industry.

In an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne, company CEO Paul Ritchie said that while COVID can be “a little bit scary”, the “big picture” was that the industry needed to tackle COVID in a way that was cost-effective and safe.

“It’s very easy to get distracted and focus on the short-term and the short term is going to be the short run,” Mr Ritchie told ABC Radio.

“And if you focus on that for the long run, you’re going to do something catastrophic.”

Golf Cart Tire said its new COVID product, a golf cart tires, has been tested in “high-risk areas” in Australia.

The company has launched the product in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand the range to other countries.

“The product has been fully tested and approved in high-risk environments,” Golf Cart said.

“We believe the best way to protect ourselves is to be proactive and take action to protect the environment and people, especially the vulnerable, in the future.”GPS-enabled products are currently available in the US and Canada, and the company says it plans to have them available to customers in Australia by the end of the year.

The Australian Government is working on measures to help prevent the spread of the virus, including providing more education and healthcare workers, and encouraging people to wear protective gear at home and at work.

The Department of Health said the number of people who have tested positive for COVID has increased by more than 400,000 in the past three weeks.

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