Golf skirt ‘a little too tight’ for young woman

SPORTSFILE Golf skirts are a staple of young women’s summer dress and the women’s golf skirt is no exception.

What does the golf skirt look like in your own style?

Golf skirt How long does the skirt stay?

How does it fit?

Golf skirts were introduced as part of the women in sport programme in the 1980s and they have remained an important part of sport since then.

Golf skirts can be very tight in the thigh area, which can cause problems for the woman’s knees.

Golf skirt What size should I buy?

The size of a golf skirt depends on the size of your hips.

The golf skirt can be any size from a size 14 to a size 16, depending on the shape of your thigh.

The size can vary from one woman to the next depending on how much padding she has on.

How do I get my golf skirt?

You can buy the right size golf skirt online.

You can order from any of the UK’s major golf retailers: Golf Shoe and Tennis Warehouse

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